Bottle Loft Magnetic Beer Hanger


The Bottle Loft Magnetic Hanger attaches to the ceiling of your refrigerator to hold those extra beers that you’re having trouble storing.

  • Can store up to 6 beer bottles
  • Strong magnets
  • Contains 2 strips
  • Saves a lot of space

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If your fridge gets jam packed every time you host a party, then you’ve been missing out on the Bottle Loft Magnetic Hanger by Bottle Loft. With each purchase of this item, you’ll receive two magnetic strips that can hold up to three bottles of beers each. Guaranteed to have a super strong adhesive, this is best placed on the ceiling inside your fridge.

Your friends and family will surely envy you for this amazing beer bottle hanger as they wonder where you got it from. Gone are the days when your wife yells about your beer being in the way.

Got friends who drink beer all day long? Then no need to worry on guessing what would be the best gift for them this Christmas. Get them a Bottle Loft Magnetic Hanger and they’ll be sure to drunk dial you from time to time to tell you how awesome it is.

The Bottle Loft Magnetic Beer Hanger is a bit pricey, but for its purpose and its sturdy hold on the bottles, you just can’t go wrong. It’s suggested that you get at least two of these though, in order to make you be able to efficiently store an entire 12 pack of beer.

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