Folding Acoustic Guitar


If you own an acoustic guitar, then there’s a good chance that you couldn’t take it with you somewhere at some point because it was too big. Take the Voyage Air Transit Series Folding Acoustic Guitar anywhere, as it can be folded from its neck without sacrificing any sound or string quality.

  • Easily foldable
  • Full scale 25.5 inches acoustic guitar
  • Made from the toughest engineered tone woods for crisp and loud sound
  • Free transit bag carry
  • Fit in an airplane overhead
  • UK visitors(!): available from Amazon US for 1/2 of the UK price
  • There is also an electric version available on Amazon UK

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If you are tired of trying to find travel-friendly guitars or it’s the first time you are looking for one, this Voyage Air Transit Folding Acoustic Guitar is probably your best bet. It can be folded from the neck and will easily fit into an airplane overhead and even comes with a free transit bag. The best part of all is that even with all these features, there is no compromise on the quality of this instrument. It’s made from finest quality wood and has phosphor bronze strings.

This guitar turns from its neck, which uses the patented Voyage Air Folding Neck Hinge system that works great even after years of use. The tuners are made of die-cast and they are plated with chrome, making it look absolutely beautiful. The entire guitar has a protective high gloss finish that keeps moisture and decay away to ensure a long lasting product. The product is thoroughly tested for build quality and sound, which is why it’s a little on the expensive side. The transit bag that comes with the guitar also has zipper pockets for your laptop and music books.

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