iOS Controlled Ferrari Enzo


The iOS Controlled Ferrari Enzo is a must have for any car enthusiast. Remotely control this miniature Ferrari Enzo with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch instead of a standard controller by using tilts to emulate wheel turns.

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad
  • Battery operated
  • Bluetooth connection

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Ferrari cars have been the dream car for most people, especially those who love to race or are simply just car enthusiasts. While you might not be able to buy one right now, you can test drive it first with the iOS Controlled Ferrari Enzo.

Made by SilverLit, this product provides another way to enjoy the car you love by driving a smaller version with your iOs device. Many people download racing games on their phones to experience driving and have their eyes glued to the screen. However, with the iOS Controlled Ferrari Enzo, you’ll actually see the car moving by your feet and drive it around the house and anywhere else. Its detailed design and high speed is just like the real model.

The app will need to be downloaded from the Apple store, which is used to control the car. It features a wheel, dashboard, sound effects and lights that make it look and feel like the real thing. For example, the engine revving becomes louder as the car accelerates. As for the car itself, signal lights will activate when you turn and you can even drive in reverse.

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