False Teeth Bottle Opener


If you’re an alcoholic, chances are good that you’ve tried opening a bottle with your teeth before. If this is how you always want to open your bottles, try the False Teeth Bottle Opener. This bottle opener is made of solid cast iron and can open hundreds of bottles without showing signs of wear and tear.

  • Funky design painted with hand
  • Made as replica of 1930’s original collectible
  • Cast in iron

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The False Teeth Bottle Opener is unlike any other bottle opener. This product was originally called the Falsies Decapper and was a huge hit in 1930s. It looks like a real set of false teeth that you can mount onto the wall to quickly open bottles. This replica of the original is hand painted and cast in iron and can be mounted on any wall using screws.

Everyone loves opening bottles with their teeth but it can leave you with chipped molars and other damage. If you’re a novice at the art of bottle opening with your teeth, your molars may break at the end and it won’t grow back. With this False Teeth Bottle Opener, you can now open bottles with someone else’s teeth. This mountable iron false teeth bottle opener is easy to use and lasts for years. These molars will never break while opening bottles as they are made of iron.

The hand painted pattern gives these false teeth a perfect vintage look. You can put them on the wall in your kitchen or anywhere you open drinks. This will probably be a great addition to a frat house or retirement home.

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