Facebook Shower Curtain


This hilarious Facebook Shower Curtain will bring social media right into your bathroom. It looks just like a personal Facebook page except it has a transparent window where you can put your head next to in order to make a profile picture.

  • Your Facebook profile in the shower to brighten up your day
  • Measuring 70 x 70 inch – large enough for most shower areas
  • Water resistant

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Being inside a living Facebook profile can be great fun for anyone who spends time connecting to their friends on Facebook. This shower curtain can liven up your bathroom and make it look unique and fresh. It measures 70 x 70 and has a transparent window in place of profile picture, where you can put your face and complete the Facebook profile.

For anyone who can’t spend time away from Facebook, this is a great product. You are usually away from your favorite social network when in the bathroom, but this curtain will make sure to satisfy your Facebook needs. Now you can enjoy Facebook even when taking a shower.

This shower curtain comes with a printed design that looks like a Facebook profile page with some bathtub jokes as status updates. There are some tagged photos printed on the curtain as well, making it look like the real thing. Take a selfie with your Facebook curtain and then upload it onto Facebook to let everyone know how much of an addict you are.

Video credit: Eric Rich


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