Electric Shock Nipple Clamps


If you haven’t explored the world of electro-sex yet, the Electric Shock Nipple Clamps is the perfect product to experience this trending phenomenon. You can easily adjust the shock intensity so to choose a range of sensations from a soft tingle to a throbbing tap.

  • Perfect for anyone starting to explore electro-sex
  • Easily adjustable dial to control shock intensity
  • Enjoy thrilling and sensual e-stimulation

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If you’re looking to spice up your sex life, try these Electric Shock Nipple Clamps. These clamps can be attached to the nipples for some thrilling e-stimulation for foreplay or sex to significantly enhance pleasure. The clamps are attached to a 3V battery on the other end, which is included for free.

You can control the shock intensity with an easy-to-use dial. Specifically, you can set different frequencies and intensities for varied levels of electric shocks. For example, move it to the highest voltage if you need to wake your body up and bring it back to the lowest voltage for a tingling sensation.

Other than the two clamps, the Electric Shock Nipple Clamps also come with a control unit that can also be used independently as a hand massager. This means you can set it to deliver a shock of your desired intensity every time your hand touches the massager in addition to using it with the clamps.


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