Don’t Even Ask Wine Glass


Drinking wine can be so much more fun if you just put a little twist to the traditional way of measuring it in a glass. This is what Don’t Even Ask Wine Glass is all about. It comes with three different measurement levels that are guaranteed to make you smile.

  • Quality glass material used
  • Etched (not printed) text measurement labels
  • Comes in gift box packaging
  • The UK version has a slightly different shape

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The Don’t Even Ask Wine Glass is a great gift for anyone who indulges in drinking wine. From alcoholics to casual drinkers, this glass comes with three different measurement labels to suit individual drinking levels, with each one being as humorous as the others. The first label at the bottom says ‘Good Day’, the next one that measures a half filled glass says ‘Bad Day’, and the one for a filled glass says “Don’t Even Ask”. All three labels are on a line that will help you measure accurately.

This wine glass lets you measure your wine intake according to the kind of day you are having. You will want to drink a little when you are having a good day, drink half a glass on a bad day, and you don’t even want anyone to ask when you are holding a full glass. If you’re feeling like it’s the worst day of your life, you can just ditch the glass and drink straight from the bottle. I guess that would be “I Need Help”.

This product is made of high quality glass that doesn’t wear off even after years of use. The measurement labels are also itched and not printed, so you can expect to have this glass with you in top condition for years to come. The Don’t Even Ask Wine Glass is a perfect gift to leave a lasting impression, especially if the recipient drinks wine often. It also comes with a gift box packing so you can send it directly to someone’s house.


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