Dinner Winner Kids Plate


“Play while you eat” is the basic concept of Dinner Winner Kids Plate, which is designed to make your kid’s mealtime more enjoyable than ever. With this plate, mothers won’t need to nag their kids to finish off their meal anymore.

  • Manufactured with 100% virgin melamine
  • Hygienically safe product
  • Interesting game pattern

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Mealtime is now fun time, thanks to the Dinner Winner Kids Plate. This plate encourages kids to eat even the last piece of food served. Being a mother, you might have also experienced how hard it is to bring your kid to the dining table. It surely requires an extra effort, but with Dinner Winner Kids Plate you have to just relax and watch as your kids finish the whole meal without a complaint.

If you wonder that how a plate can urge a child to eat, here’s the secret. This plate is designed as a board game with 8 slots, with the last one being the desert. The goal of the game is reach the end to get the desert, and the kid is encouraged to keep eating by the motivational printed words that become visible as the food is eaten.

Dinner Winner Kids Plate is manufactured with 100% virgin melamine, so it is completely safe to use. The print on the plate stays there even after washing it for a long time, which will help turn the fussiest eater into a full-bellied winner.

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