Defusable Bomb Alarm Clock


Beware heavy sleepers! Here’s a terrifying Defusable Bomb Alarm Clock that will leave you with only one option in the morning—get out of bed or else. This alarm clock is fitted with an incredibly loud alarm and will wake up the even the deepest sleeper.

  • Rechargeable alarm clock
  • Constructed with plastic and paper
  • Digital clock display

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This bomb shaped alarm clock is a horrifying gadget built for the folks who are having trouble getting up in the morning, even after having slept-in for hours. This is great for those who are struggling to wake up after several rings from a standard alarm clock, as it’s rigged with a ridiculously loud alarm. In fact, it’s so loud that you can’t block out the noise by burying your head under a pillow. The shape and size of this gadget is more or less identical to a defusable bomb, giving it a genuine look to help motivate its users to get out of bed faster.

Sick of replacing batteries? You can recharge it using a USB cable and its digital display is clearly visible during night. It has a game mode too, where you are given only 10 seconds to detonate it by cutting the correct wire. These wires are randomly assigned with a different role every time you start the countdown, making it a perfect prank for unsuspecting victims. You probably shouldn’t bring this to school or any public places though.

The product’s design may seem a little flimsy to use people, as it’s made of plastic and paper. However, it will last a while unless your mom throws it out the window to prevent you from being blown to pieces. It definitely serves its use as an alarm clock and provides a funny context too.

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