Dead Fred Silicone Pen Holder


Have you ever been so frustrated and angry that you wanted to give someone a good shanking? Hopefully not, but the Dead Fred Silicon Pen Holder offers a fun way to satisfy your urge. By stabbing Dead Fred repeatedly with your pen, you can actually get rid of your aggression without having to hurt anyone.

  • Constructed with high quality silicon
  • Unique pen holder with firm grip
  • Serves as a perfect stress reliever



Manufactured by SUCK UK, Dead Fred Silicon Pen Holder is handy little gadget that firmly holds a pen and provides a unique way to release your stress. First of all, you won’t ask yourself “Where’s that friggin’ pen?” anymore, and secondly, you can stab Dead Fred mercilessly to suppress the serial killer within you and relieve any stress. Dexter probably could have used one of these.

Dead Fred Silicon Pen Holder is compact, lightweight and its bright color makes it radiant and appealing. In addition, this gadget looks pretty hilarious when you’re stabbing it and can be a great way to amuse friends, colleagues and even clients with a sense of humor. Although there is nothing particularly special in its design, it will probably make your desk more attractive.

Since Dead Fred is made of silicon, it would last longer than you’d think. The grip on the pen is firm and will allow you to comfortably hold it and write longer. At times when your anxiety level is surging, it offers a flexible stabbing surface to unburden yourself.


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