DCI Memo Pad Launcher


The DCI Memo Pad Launcher is great for taking notes and memos—but that’s not all. This handy gadget comes with a launcher to throw paper balls around the room for when you’ve got nothing better to do at the office.

  • Great for notes and memos
  • Comes with a launcher to throw crushed notes
  • 3×3 paper size

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Now you can make sure someone gets your message with the DCI Memo Pad Launcher. You can throw notes to every corner in your room, whether it’s to your coworker, office crush or boss. Just place the crumpled note in the launcher, pull it back and watch it fly. If you’ve got enemies in the room, try to hit them in the head to let them know not to mess with you.

The DCI Memo Pad Launcher also comes with a 3×3 in. memo bad. The item weighs only 12 ounces and has a dimension of 3 x 4 x 5.3 inches. The paper has a nice satin finish and comes with a printed design, while the stand and launcher is red and includes a durable springboard. Although it’s great for taking notes, it’s perfect to relieve stress and kill time, especially when you’re trying to play basketball with the garbage can


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