C**t (Vagina) Coloring book


The C**t Coloring Book contains pages of different illustrations of women’s vaginas in an artistic and sophisticated way made by the artist, writer, and activist Tee Corrinne.

  • Paperback edition
  • 48 pages in total
  • Can be used for educational purposes
  • Coloring book

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This particular coloring book is full of art inspired illustrations of the vagina. While some may find it uncomfortable to have, that feeling is what you will learn to overcome if you let yourself be exposed and educated of what’s really down there for women.

Instead of just taking photos and just browsing through it, why not have the means to color it and design how you wanted them to look like? While some men would rather not and maybe think of some better ideas on what to do with the book, most people who purchased the book, especially women, felt proud about it and less uncomfortable as they see similar photos to that.

If you get this as a gift on your bachelor party, you don’t really have to feel shy about it, although for sure it’ll be worth the laugh among your friends. You’ll become well educated on how it looks like down there and maybe even tell your wife on your honeymoon about it.

If you start getting turned on after coloring vaginas after a while, just try not to get the book wet since it’s a paperback edition and is definitely not water proof. Otherwise, you’ll find it quite hard to color the pages in.


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