Critter Cruisers Pet Cars


These Critter Cruisers Pet Cars are miniature cars for your little pets to exercise and have fun with. Watch them power the cars with their feet and drive across the room.

  • Perfect for small animal pets
  • Adjustable racing wheel
  • Car can move in three different ways

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Your little furry friends don’t have to be lazy and fat. With the Critter Cruiser Pet Cars, your small pets are going to spend the entire day racing. These cars are perfect for the little guys such as hamsters, gerbils and guinea pigs. The cars are made of sturdy plastic so it’s light and easy to move for your pet, making them want to drive them around all day long. There’s nothing more gratifying than watching your loved one start learning how to drive.

This pet-powered exercise car comes with an adjustable racing wheel, which allows the car to move in three different directions. When the wheel is adjusted to the top, the vehicle stays stationary; but when it move it to middle or bottom position, the vehicle moves and the real fun for your pet starts. You can get this exercise toy for small pets in four fancy colors.

Video credit: EntirelyPets Channel


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