Credit Card Light Bulb


Ever heard of a tiny light bulb that can fit into your wallet? The Credit Card Light Bulb does exactly this – you flip the bulb upwards and it will turn on automatically. It’s quite handy in dark areas and will let your friends know that you’re the geek.

  • Easy to turn the light on – just flip it
  • A little thicker but exactly the same size as your credit card
  • Fits perfectly in your wallet

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The Credit Card Light Bulb is an amazing little gadget both in terms of innovation and functionality, as it can fit in your wallet to provide a convenient light source for those dim lit areas. It will stay completely dark when it’s idly sitting in your closed wallet in the “off” position, and then turn on when you take it out and flip the bulb up. If you’re one of those people who waves their phone around in the dark to see what’s going on, then this is a worthy alternative.

This light bulb has an incandescent light powered by a slim LED light that runs on a 3V lithium cell battery. This gadget comes with a battery included so that you can start using it the moment you receive it. It may not be a great light source in dim light conditions but it can be your best companion for when it’s almost completely dark.

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