Coyote Urine


Are you tired of stray cats spending their afternoon in your yard? What about those rats that have been hiding for months now? Coyote Urine is a great solution is effective to make cats, rats, and other wildlife stay away for good.

  • Effective against most wildlife
  • All natural, organic solution
  • Easy to use

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Sometimes wildlife can be quite annoying, especially when you’re not living in the center of Manhattan. Your yard can be overwhelmed by variety of wildlife including cats, rats, raccoons, chipmunks, gophers, squirrels, rabbits, moles, voles, possums and more. The Coyote Urine is a 100% natural solution from actual coyotes that scares wildlife away without harming them. It’s an organic product and works as a repellent only.

The Coyote Urine is immediately ready for use without any preparation. All you need to do is apply it in the disturbance area. The bottle itself doesn’t have any smell, but the urine inside smells a bit musky, although it’s not too bad.

The urine’s effects usually last for about a month, provided you apply it in an area that has some kind of protection from weather. When applied outdoors, it can last for a few days. Although an uncommon solution, it’s an effective and tested product that works without any issues.

Video credit: Dustin Luke Nelson


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