Cookie Dough Flavored Lube


Want to have sex but can’t stop eating? Now there’s a way! You can apply Cookie Dough Flavored Lube on your partner and start eating away as if you are enjoying your favorite cookie. There’s nothing like binge eating while having sex and the Cookie Dough Flavored Lube will make it possible.

  • Water-based lube
  • Tastes as good as cookie dough
  • Makes all the parts taste better
  • The UK version is a different product with the same flavour

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Make your sexual experiences sweeter with this Cookie Dough Flavored Lube. This lube is perfect for anyone who wants to make their erotic adventures tastier. This non-sticky lube is water-based and 100% edible. Apart from the taste, it does its job as a lubricant by providing resistance-free, slippery sex.

The Cookie Dough Flavored Lube comes in a handy 8 oz. bottle so it is always easy to take a little and save the rest for later. The lubricant is also available in three flavors: devil’s food, red velvet, and angel food.

The Cookie Dough Flavored Lube is easy to use and doesn’t cause irritation as long as your skin isn’t sensitive to water-based lubricants. All you have to do is to squeeze it on your palm and apply it anywhere you want. For maximum pleasure, let your partner apply this kissable lube.


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