Cats Ass Pencil Sharpener


Sharpening your pencils has never been this awesome. With the Cats Ass Pencil sharpener from Luckies of London, you’ll be guaranteed to make your pencils sharp with this funny work of art.

  • Meows while sharpening pencils
  • Includes litter tray
  • Great for gift ideas
  • Simply hilarious!

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Many people stopped purchasing the small sharpeners often found at bookstores because they are hard to use and have limited space for the leftover pencil shavings. Mechanical pencil sharpeners are so much better since it gives a neat finish on the sharpened pencil and saves more time.

This particular Cats Ass Pencil Sharpener is another thing; not only does it function like any other good mechanical sharpener, but it also gives you a fun time while doing it. Even for those who don’t like cats in general, the “meow” sound that plays each time you sharpen a pencil is enough to keep your spirits up and keep you focused on the writing task at hand.

If you have kids, you may find them breaking their pencils on purpose just to have a shot with this cat’s ass, which could become problematic after a while as you keep having to stock up on pencils.

Overall, this product is a good buy, as kids love it and even adults too. Hopefully the cats at home don’t stick their paws where they don’t belong.

Video credit: findmeagiftdotcom


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