Cat Scratch Turntable

If you wanted something unique for your cats to play with, the Cat Scratch Turntable playhouse from Suck UK is a fun toy for them to make music with.

  • Made of cardboard
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with spinable deck and poseable arm

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Most people with pet cats would understand how hard it is for someone to have the couch all to themselves since the cats love resting there. Even other stuff at home might be considered theirs, as they really like to put a scratch on anything.

The Cat Scratch Turntable is another hit playhouse item from Suck UK, and a lot of cat owners love what it does to their cats. Not only do the cats get really busy and stop taking all the space on the couch, but they also are able to discover their hidden talents that may very well lead to a promising career as a DJ in the future.

When you first open this package, make sure to have your cameras ready because you wouldn’t want to miss on the first time that they actually try to spin the turntable. For added effect, put on some background music and listen to your cats mess around with it.

This is also great for having a good laugh with the family or even friends who visit your home. If you’ve got a friend who also has a cat, this turntable will certainly be a great gift and will likely be shared on Facebook due to how cute it is.

Video credit: aobamail


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