Cat Ass Towel Holder


The Cat Ass Towel Holder is a clever product designed to hold your towel in an unusual way. It’s both functional and funny, and has a tail that resembles a cat doing its business.

  • Holds tea towels in place
  • White color
  • Perfect for cat lovers

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If you’ve always wanted to be the first one to come up with an innovative product involving a cat’s ass, then unfortunately someone already beat you to it. The Cat Ass Towel Holder is definitely a hit; imagine getting your tea towel from an to wipe the table and putting it back again. It’s just hilarious, especially if you just purchased the item and showed it to your friends.

If you have cats at home as pets and spend some time looking at their asses, you‘d realize that they all look very similar. However, when you pull something out from the Cat Ass Towel Holder, it’s quite different from what you may be able to pull from a real cat, which doesn’t really require anymore elaboration.

Perfect as a gift or for personal use, this item is very affordable and would make a good display at home, especially on coffee tables. You just have to be a little cautious sometimes, as your cats might be confused as to why you’re paying so much attention to a fake ass when you’ve got the real thing at home. No one really knows how crazy jealous cats can be.


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