Car French Fries Holder


Many people love eating French fries, especially on the go. The Car French Fries Holder is the best car accessory that you can get if you are one of those people who just can’t get enough.

  • Compatible with your car cup holders
  • Keeps fries secure
  • Fits most carton sizes
  • Also holds juice boxes

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This Car French Fries holder is an amazing to have in your car if you enjoy French fries on the go. Oftentimes, people live a very busy life and wind up buying fast food on their way to work via a drive thru.

This particular French fries holder is not only for keeping the fries steady but allows you to access food more easily. Since most cup holders in the car are right next to the driver, it would be very easy for you to reach the fries. You can also put in other things like juice or any other food that can fit the holder.

The only problem that this can pose is that it may cause the user to think that it’s the gear stick instead of food. So if you’ve got a lot of food next to your gear stick, you’d better be careful not to scatter your food all over the car. Some bigger cars also have cup holders on each door so getting one of these for each of them would be better, especially if you have kids who start to drool the moment they see the big yellow M sign.

This item is also very a common choice as a gift for friends and families who drive their own car, as they would definitely find it very useful whenever they go out.


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