Camping Panini Maker


This Camping Panini Maker by Rome Industries is definitely a must have for people who love to make Panini or sandwiches, including your own spreads to make it even more interesting while eating them at home or even while camping.

  • Designed for BBQ grills
  • Makes 8 in. x 4 in. sandwiches
  • Made of heavy cast iron
  • Rods and handles can be removed for easy cleaning.

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A lot of people enjoy eating grilled sandwiches and whatever it is in between those slices is up to your creativity and taste. Instead of making it hard for you to come up with a perfect looking Panini, the Rome Panini press is all it takes to do the job. Just stick your sandwich in there and wait for it to be cooked.

The parts of this product are also detachable to make it easier to clean, including the rods and handles. The camping Panini maker can also be used both as a BBQ grill for outdoors and camping with family and friends, or indoors on a stove top burner which you can prepare for everyone, especially for the kids.

When cooking, don’t forget to flip over the sides to have a balanced grill on both sides. This product is specifically made for grilled sandwiches so no chicken or pork should be placed inside unless they are shredded and part of your Panini spread. This product is a bit heavy as well since it’s made iron, so doing a little arm movement while grilling your sandwich could also be a workout for you.


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