Butt & Face Towel and Soap


The Butt & Face Towel and Soap is a genius product for people who are often confused which side to use on their butt and face. It also comes with matching soap to make it a complete package.

  • Includes both towel and soap
  • Color coded
  • Big labels for easy reading
  • Perfect for guest bathrooms
  • UK link for towel only, soap available here.

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There are times when you have guests coming over that would eventually use your shower if they’re staying for a while. Although we aren’t really sure of what their business is in there, it’s better to be prepared to avoid potential confusion and embarrassment. Never worry about getting those butt germs on your face! The Butt & Face Towel and Soap is a perfect pair that you can place in your bathroom to assure your visitors that their face will be safe. If you fear that most of your colleagues can’t read, then that won’t be a problem since the towel and soap are color coded in brown or white to emphasize what side goes where.

If you’ve ever experienced going to a friend’s house and was forced to use their shower, you may have encountered a strange smell coming from the towel as you dry your face. Do both of yourselves a favor and give your friend this amazing gift so they can realize that they have nasty habits they need to get rid of. You’ll also feel more comfortable the next time you visit.

For its current price, the Butt & Face Towel and Soap isn’t too expensive and is great for gifting and personal use. Most people will also find it funny when they receive this, so it’s really a good choice if you’re looking for a unique present.


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