Bouquet Of Unicorns


The Plush Unicorn Bouquet is a set of tiny unicorns arranged in a bouquet that’s great for give to someone on their birthday, anniversary or any other occasions.

  • Contains 11 plush unicorns
  • Cute and very unique
  • Perfect alternative for flowers
  • Bouquet arrangement
  • Only availabe from the US


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Most people get tired of the usual flower arrangements that they get on special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s day and Mother’s day. The Plush Unicorn Bouquet is something that is very unique because instead of getting flowers on the bouquet, you get plush unicorns that are no one would have guessed even existed.

Surprise your wife with an unusual arrangement of cute unicorns and she’ll probably remember it better than all of those red roses you’ve been giving her for the past decade.

Kids will also love these magical unicorns, especially girls, especially if it is her first time seeing such a delightful arrangement of cute animals. You can bet she’ll take a photo of it with her phone and upload it to Facebook for all of her friends to see.

If you’re a guy trying to get back together with a girl on the brink of breaking up with you, this gift will surely win you some points. So if you wanted to surprise someone, even your mom, this plush unicorn bouquet is a sure winner.


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