Bloody Shower Curtain


The Bloody Shower Curtain by Spinning Hat features bloody hand prints that looks great in any bathroom, especially if you want something unique or want to scare unsuspecting victims.

  • Made of 100% polyester
  • Shower curtain rings included
  • Measures approx.70 x 70-inches

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If you are a frustrated actor, director or even a storyteller, then this is the best shower curtain to make your fantasies come true. The Bloody Shower Curtain by Spinning Hat has bloody hand prints all over it, giving the impression that there is someone is bleeding out somewhere in your house. It’s great for making your friends feel like they’re in a horror movie and that they’ve got to move fast before the killer chooses the next victim.

This shower curtain has the normal standard size like most other brands and already includes the shower rings so that all you really have to do is install them and let the fun begin.

The curtain is opaque so you can see shapes and shadows behind it, which makes it great for pranks, especially when the lights are dimmed and nobody is around but you and your victim.

This curtain is also great for personal use as well as gifts for other people who are into horror or love creepy stuff in general. For a better effect, you can also match them with rags that have bloody footprints as well which are sold separately. Just remember to choose your victims wisely as some might just get a heart attack!

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