Big Mouth Toys Happy Gnome Couple


The Big Mouth Toys Happy Couple Garden Gnomes is another hilarious product when it comes to lawn display novelties. It shows a gnome couple intimately enjoying themselves.

  • Weatherproof
  • Made of Resin
  • Great as Gag gift
  • Best placed in front lawn



The Big Mouth Toys Happy Gnome Couple is definitely an eye catcher if you place them in front of your house, as it shows two garden gnomes who look like they’re having the best time of their lives. Although it’s not specified if they are officially a couple, all that matters is that they’re happy.

This particular garden display measures 6.5 inches tall, but it would probably be better if it was taller. Most customers who purchased the product said the gnomes aren’t that easy to see if you’re not standing next to it. So depending on where you put it, it might not have the desired effect on people passing by. Maybe it’s a good thing since you don’t want kids to look into it too much, but at the same time want to grab the attention of curious adults.

So if you wanted something new in your garden and have a few laughs, the Big Mouth Toys Happy Gnome Couple is a perfect accessory to your front lawn. People will definitely look twice to confirm if they actually saw what they thought they saw.


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