Big Mouth Toys Gnome Massacre


The Big Mouth Toys – The Great Garden Gnome Massacre is a funny little display you can place on your front lawn that shows a huge dinosaur chomping up gnomes.

  • Weatherproof
  • Made of Resin
  • Great as Gag gift
  • Best placed in front lawns

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The Big Mouth Toys – The Great Garden Gnome Massacre is not your ordinary front lawn display; not only will the neighbors keep of your lawn when you’re out but even the tiny gnomes who roam around when they think they cannot be seen. Thanks to this dinosaur’s huge eyes, he can see almost everything!

The T-Rex is known to have no mercy, and this is what the gnomes experienced after trespassing onto the lawn. It can be used to scare little kids sometimes too unless you are talking to a seven year old who can distinguish a real T-Rex from the not so real one.

Since the Big Mouth Toys – The Great Garden Gnome Massacre is weather proof you can leave it on your lawn all the time, plus it would be easy to clean and move around. If you order this product, you would have to inform them if you wanted to buy it as a gift, otherwise the T-Rex would be easily seen when delivered to your door step and lose its surprise value.

This item is also great for gifting other people who enjoy doing their front lawns and will give them something hilarious to remember you by.

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