Big Mouth Toys Anger Management Mug


This Big Mouth Toys Anger Management Ceramic Mug is like any ordinary mug that can be used to drink coffee or grab the attention of curious colleagues.

  • Large 12 ounce mug
  • Ceramic made
  • Safe for dish washing
  • Perfect for hot drinks

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The Big Mouth Toys Anger Management Ceramic Mug is great for dads, especially when their daughters are being visited by their suitors. Just hold your mug firmly on the table and make sure the guys can see it clearly along with your death stare.

Aside from showcasing your anger management issues, this mug would also be a great gag gift and is sure to bring laughter to whoever will receive it. It’s also safe for dish washing, but many users would have preferred for the mug holder to be separately made and not hollow, as the liquid tends to go inside it which might be hard to get rid of. Other than that, receiving the Big Mouth Toys Anger Management Ceramic Mug as a gift is absolutely perfect and definitely serves its purpose.

Most people purchase this item for display at home for laughs, but if you actually know someone who has some real anger management issues, definitely give it as a gift for a perfect surprise. Also, this particular mug is not just for adults because as we all know that some kids nowadays have to work on controlling their tantrums as well.


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