Big Momma Undies


The Big Momma Undies is definitely one of the biggest sized undies that you’ll ever see. It’s great for gag gifts or even some adult party pranks.

  • Gigantic Panty
  • Red Color
  • Excellent gag gift
  • Only available from the US


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These huge undies from Big Momma Undies are just so ridiculously big and will be a great gift for anyone to play a prank on. That is unless your granny is really that big, then you might as well just give it to her. This specific product is usually given as gifts for bachelor parties or any other occasion with the intention of making the room fill with laughter.

It also works great on the elderly, especially those with Alzheimer’s. Imagine showing this to your senile grandpa, only to have him tell you that this actually belonged to your grandma. Wouldn’t that surprise you? I would definitely think it was big enough to cover a small bed.

Those who purchased the product even thought of many funny ideas, such as a husband who wanted to hang it on a clothes line outside his house for the neighbors to see. Others even had their pets wear it. Another good one was to leave it in your bedroom and tell everybody that your girlfriend left it because she was in a hurry.

I’m not sure if there is a person who can actually use this for its functionality. If there is, I’m sure she wouldn’t be so happy after knowing the price for each one.

Suprisingly, this product isn’t sold in the UK, which is suprising considering over half of the UK population is Obese. Maybe you’ll find this product at the regular clothes section at the mall, or in your friends’ mom’s drawer..


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