Bicycle Laser Lane Light


The LingsFire® Bike Lane LED Laser Rear Tail Light creates 2 red lines on both sides of the bike as a safety precaution for other motorists passing by, especially at night.

  • Has 5 LED and 2 laser beam for better visibility at night
  • Works up to 36 hours
  • Battery operated (2 AAA batteries)
  • Weighs 85 g.

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Nowadays, the number of people who enjoy bicycling has increased dramatically, whether it’s as a form or exercise or a mode of transportation for work or school. However, many bikers are seen at night as if they are on a secret mission or something.

The LingsFire® Bike Lane LED Laser Rear Tail Light is one of the most awesome gadgets you can get, especially if you’re one of those people who ride at night. The 2 laser launcher that appears at the back of your bike looks so awesome that other people might think something from the future is passing by, and not just any ordinary bike with a grocery basket in the front.

The product also comes with different light settings for you to choose from, which is really bright and efficient at night according users who have purchased it. Some have also commented on how well made it is, as it’s quite durable and will last a while. Although it won’t withstand the force of a baseball bat, the price is right if you try to make it last by taking care of it. The product could also be used even if it’s raining, although the product doesn’t mention it as being 100% waterproof.

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