Beardo Beanie Hat


The Beardo Beanie Hat is the only beanie that has a foldaway feature for its detachable beard. It comes in different colors which is available for both adults and kids.

  • Handmade from 100% acrylic yarn
  • Soft material
  • Never itchy or scratchy
  • Detachable design
  • Adjustable for best fit

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The Beardo Beanie hat is definitely one of a kind beanie; not only does it help you keep warm but it also includes a fashionable beard. When going out with friends, wear your Beardo Beanie hat without the detachable beard and then take a trip to the restroom and come out with the beard attached. They will stand in awe as they wonder how fast you grew them!

This beanie hat comes in different colors and sizes that are available for both men and women. Yes, women with beards are currently in if you don’t know yet. In fact, you can have the family of beards you’ve always wanted since the Beardo Beanie hat comes in kids sizes too from ages 3 -10 years old. It’s perfect for making your annoying kids grow up faster.

For some who has been having problems growing their beards, the Beardo Beanie hat would be a great present for them, as a lot of customers who bought it loves how they look with their new facial hair. You can choose from various colors that are available to find the best one that fits your hair color.

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