Bamboo Wooden Keyboard & Mouse


The Bamboo Wooden Keyboard and Mouse by Impecca are perfect for computer geeks who want to try something new. Being almost entirely made of wood, this wireless set looks and feels absolutely great. The keyboard sounds just like wood, which is something you’ll enjoy after using plastic keyboards for years.

  • Made of real bamboo wood
  • The keys have a nice bouncy action with a clunky wooden click sound
  • 4 hotkeys on keyboard
  • Glowing scroll wheel on mouse

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The Bamboo Wooden Keyboard and Mouse is a great choice if you looking for a mouse and keyboard made from 100% wood or just want to swap out your old, dirty, plastic, corded ones for something fresh. This set is fully wireless, so there’s no need to worry about being too far away or having tangled cords. This is also great for those who stuff their faces while using the computer, as it’s easy to pick off the keys to clean the dust and gunk under them. Also, the sound of the keys isn’t as annoyingly loud like most of the plastic keyboards, and is actually pleasant to listen to.

The keyboard comes with four hotkeys for the following functions: calculator, internet, email, and mute. When you press the keys, they make this nice “woody” sound, unlike the clicking and clacking of a conventional keyboard. The bamboo keys feel really nice and you might actually wind up typing faster than ever with this keyboard.

The mouse in the combo also looks great and works like any other one out there. It’s also got a glowing mouse scroll wheel for a cool effect at night. The mouse is nicely made just like its keyboard companion. This wooden set is definitely a great gift for anyone who spends a good amount of time in front of a PC.

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