Auto Return Basketball Net


The Franklin Sports Shoot Again Basketball is an indoor basketball hoop with a ‘ball return’ feature. It comes with announcer sounds, a time clock, and an electronic scoring display.

  • Automatic return after a successful shot
  • Repetitive shooting to build skill
  • Great fun with announcer sounds
  • Built-in time clock and digital scoring board
  • Can support slam dunks

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Are you absolutely terrible at basketball and need to downgrade your game? The Franklin Sports Shoot Again Basketball is a perfect for anyone looking to showcase their shooting skills, or improve their lack thereof, using an over-the-door hoop. Anyone can become an NBA star in their own homes as they jump and slam dunk a miniature ball into the hoop and listen to the announcer call the score. The electronic score board will also help keep score and make playing even more competitive.

This thing comes with a ‘ball return’ mechanism that throws the ball back at you if you score, so that you won’t have to pick it up each time. Master your shooting action more quickly as you can shoot repetitively without having to change your stance. The ring itself can be adjusted to give you different shooting angles.

This basketball hoop is made of high grade material that can withhold the weight of slam dunks, unless you’re a 200 pound grown man. The throw-back motor is fast and powerful so the ball will always reach you instantly. Just be careful not to stand too close to the hoop as the ball could actually do a slam dunk on your face. The toy comes with a hoop that fits over most doors and a solid rubber basketball, making it a great addition for playing indoor games.

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