Airzooka Gun


Airzooka Gun is one of the most unique hand-held air guns that can shoot a big ball of air. Operated by releasing the elastic air launcher at the back of the device, it has the following fun features:

  • Harmless ball of air for up to 20 feet
  • Easy and fun to use
  • Great gift for kids even adults

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This toy gun is not only great as gifts but also for having some outdoor fun. All you need to do is pull the elastic band on the back of the toy and it releases a ball of air that could be used to harass people and animals from a distance. A great feature is that there’s no need to buy batteries or use electricity in order for it to function. Because of its uniqueness, not all people have it yet and you could be the lucky one to show it off among your family and friends.

While this could be classified as a toy most of the time, this air gun could also a good tool for when you are in the office. Tired of doing paperwork? Take a break and blast them away with your Airzooka Gun and watch as they fall on the ground. Or use it on someone you’ve got a crush on, and hope they respond well to air blasts.

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