Diva Novelty Kitchen Sponge


Dishwashing isn’t exactly the most enjoyable way to spend your time, but the Diva Novelty Kitchen Sponge can change this perception for once and all. Use the huge afro as a sponge and wash your dishes with this funky figurine.

  • Made of durable material
  • Nicely designed character
  • Works perfectly as a sponge

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Give your dishes special treatment with the Diva Novelty Kitchen Sponge and enjoy your time spent in the kitchen. This hilarious character looks great while standing beside the sink and is actually useful too. Although dish washing will always be another chore you have to do, this figurine will make it more enjoyable as you use its head to scrub your dishes. It may also serve as a fun tool to encourage your young daughter to learn the basics of washing dishes.

The sponge is strong enough to scrub grease and stains from plates. Its body is covered with durable paint that helps to retain its original appearance, so it will survive many instances of intense dish washing. This cute looking sponge can stand up easily and gives a nice company for when you are in the kitchen. If you want to compliment your wife for a great dinner, buy her a Diva Novelty Kitchen Sponge.

Unlike other similar products, this kitchen sponge is built to last for much longer period, meaning you can actually use it as a regular sponge without damaging the design or features of the figurine. It has a nice grip and doesn’t slip out of your hand while scrubbing the dishes. Besides this, you can also use it as an item to decorate your kitchen.


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