3 Player Chess


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This chess board is just like the traditional one, except it’s round and meant to be played by three people. The product includes the following:

  • Chess board and rule sheet
  • 48 Staunton style pieces made from solid plastic, in black, grey and ivory colours.
  • The board is made of PVC plastic and has a 19-inch (48cm) diameter, it’s 1/8 inch (3mm) thick and weighs 12 ounces (0.34kg)

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This chess board allows you to play chess with three players without compromising any of the strategy, rules and fun of the traditional game. There are a couple of minor changes necessary for the rules to make it work, but we learned these pretty easily after reading the instructions and trying out a few games.

While I’m not much of a chess player and this game is too complicated for playing it on a drunk night with your friends, it’s a perfect present for someone who is into chess or just an intelligent individual willing to try new challenges. The fact that the table is round makes the game completely different, so you can be assured that it won’t get boring even for a chess professional.

According to people who have tested this chess board, this game is not suited for those unfamiliar to the traditional chess. It’s for people who enjoy the traditional game but are open to trying out new ways of playing, as well as those enjoying chess variants. Do not underestimate this game though, as people who have tried it say that it is completely different from the traditional game from square one! Don’t worry though, as the game comes with very detailed instructions that ensure you will understand how to get started.



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