3 Person Water Balloon Launcher


This Water Balloon Launcher is a 3 person water balloon slingshot capable of launching your water balloons as far as 400 yards with a guaranteed end of peace in your neighbourhood. The package contains the following:

  • 1 x 400 Yard 3 Person Water Balloon Launcher
  • Carrying case
  • 150 biodegradable water balloons

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Does water balloon fighting sound like it’s for kids? Well maybe, but if you have a slingshot capable of shooting them 400 yards away, it sounds like plenty of fun no matter of age. The launcher needs three people for operation and it’s made of extremely durable latex, which guarantees that the balloons will fly far far away.

This is a great adult toy for the beach, for war scenarios or massive fort battles. Alternatively, it’s a great toy for annoying that c**t of a neighbour, who is always complaining about everything. Be careful though, as you might get the cops knocking on your door before the fun has even started.

We tested this awesome launcher and can confirm it works exactly as described and it’s definitely worth its price! How far the balloons actually fly depends on the physical strength of the three people operating it, which of course wasn’t a problem for us but kids (or other noodle arms) trying to use it might struggle. A great summer product that definitely gets 5 stars from us!

Once you get bored with balloons (which doesn’t happen quick btw) you can use it for launching other stuff.. fruit, eggs, or whatever round imaginable. Be extremely careful though – once you use it for launching solid items you are actually turning it into a deadly weapon that may seriously injure someone. You have been warned..

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