Drone Geek Straps 54 Drones Together and Creates a Homemade Helicopter


If you had lots of free time and money, what would you spend it on? Well, this crazy drone enthusiast decided to strap a bunch of drones into a frame with a seat, resulting in a fully functioning DIY helicopter. It’s not technically a drone though, as the guy is steering the multicopter, but damn… isn’t this thing just pure awesome? -It’s called the Swarm.

This multi-rotor machine uses 54 counter-rotation propellers, weighs 148kg and is able to lift approximately 164kg according to its creator. You won’t be able to fly to another country with this multicopter though, as the maximum flying time is around 10 minutes – slightly less than the standard for radio-controlled drones. However, I’m sure your neighbours would be amazed!

Although radio-controlled drones are available at very low prices nowadays, you might want to think twice before you start strapping hundreds together in an attempt to build your own helicopter in your back yard.  Keep in mind that this guy must be a professional at what he is doing!

One-Man-Helicopter-Composite-FXIf you are loaded with cash and actually want to get your own one man helicopter though, there are some for sale on eBay, such as the Composite FX, selling for US $79,000.

You can probably add
another 20 grand on top for the cost of a training course, but man… Wouldn’t it be great to own one of these!?