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Will Self-Balancing Scooters become a mainstream mode of transport?

Will humans ever walk using their own legs again once these self-balancing scooters become a mainstream mode of transport? That is a very good question, as these things are increasing in popularity quickly whilst getting more and more affordable.

Video credit: Ben Schmanke

With no handle bars, these two-wheeled transportation devices don’t require hands at all unlike the traditional Segway. They have no official name yet, but you can find these generic Chinese devices under names such as ‘Self Balancing Scooter’, ‘Mini Segway’ or ‘Smart Scooter’.

The scooter has a robust build quality and feels very solid with a weight of 27 pounds. The package comes with a user manual, charging cable and the main unit. The device is small enough to put in your backpack to carry it with you where ever you are going, such as the underground of your office.

This smart scooter is able to travel at a speed of 7-8 miles per hour, which is pretty fast considering the average jogging speed is around 4-6 mph. It is able to carry a maximum charge of 220 pounds and has an amazing range of 15 miles. Like with modern smartphones, getting a full charge only takes a couple of hours.

According to people who have tested it such as Ben in the video, learning to ride these things is surprisingly easy: Hit the power button, gently step on the platform one foot at a time and get going. The black rubber pads work like touch-sensitive buttons, turning on the motors when enough pressure is applied. These things certainly make you feel like you’re in the future!

For US consumers there are various models available at different prices on Amazon, but the model in the video is priced at only $283 with US shipping. You can also find them on eBay with shipping from China, but Amazon seems to have them at the best prices even with local shipping.

For UK and EU customers these devices are slightly more expensive, with the same model priced at £236 on Amazon with free UK delivery. They are also available on eBay UK at different prices, but Amazon still beats them price-wise.






5 Really Cool Kitchen Gadgets

When you have friends coming over for a meal or a drink, there is no better way to impress them than with some really cool kitchen gadgets. Below we have listed you five cool kitchen gadgets; some of them are just for shit and giggles, some will impress your friends and some actually make life quite a bit easier! Most importantly, we thought these five were really cool kitchen gadgets that everyone should own.

1. The Egg Cuber Square Eggs MakerReally-Cool-Kitchen-Gadgets-Square-eggs-maker

Ever wanted to eat a boiled egg without nearly shoving the whole thing into your mouth?

The Egg Cuber Square Eggs Maker can transform your round egg into a cube to make it easier to cut and eat. Out of the five gadges, this one will impress your friends when you tell them a story of a hen in your gadgen that lays square eggs.

Read more and check the video here.


2. Bev-Brush Secret FlaskReally-Cool-Kitchen-Gadgets-Bev-Brush-Secret-Flask

Looking for a way to sneak some booze into a festival? Or perhaps you are just too poor to buy drinks at your local nightclub and can save a few bucks with this great invention.

The Binocktails Bev-Brush is an awesome product that has a secret flask inside the full function paddle hairbrush style. It even has a mirror at the back to make sure your face is still looking good after consuming the vodka you have hidden inside the 6 fluid ounce flask; how cool is that?

Read more and check the video here.


3. Grilled Cheesus MakerCheesus-Sandwich-Press-Toastie-Grilled-400x400

If you think Jesus can make good things happen to your life, why
not eat a Jesus sandwich every day?

This Grilled Cheesus Maker is going to bring more fun and spirituality to your boring breakfasts by toasting a Jesus portrait on your sandwiches. With this intuitive sandwich press, you can eat a Jesus every day and live a holy life.

Read more here.


4. 3 In 1 Breakfast StationNostalgia-Electronics-3-in-1-Breakfast-Station-Really-Cool-Kitchen-Gadgets

The 3-in-1 Breakfast Station is a great product for those people
who are too lazy to walk back and forth to the kitchen from the breakfast table.

As it combines the preparation of the most important breakfast items; coffee, bacon & eggs and toast, you won’t be needing any other kitchen appliances for the most important meal of the day.

Read more here. 


5. Bottle Loft Magnetic Beer HangerFridge-Loft-Magnets-Beers-600x600

The days are gone when your wife yells about your beer being in the way. The Bottle Loft Magnetic Hanger attaches to the ceiling of your refrigerator to hold those extra beers that you’re having trouble storing.

Out of these five really cool kitchen gadgets, this one is probably the most useful!

Read more and check the video here.

Man dresses his dog as a lion, scares people shitless

Check out this video of a guy who dresses his dog as a lion with the California Costume Collections Animal Planet Lion Dog Costume. The reactions of people are hilarious, as most actually think it’s a real lion.

Video credit: SuperHollyward

The product is available on Amazon, so any dog can now dress up as a lion using the Animal Planet Dog Lion Costume. This costume is easy to put on and fits most dogs with its wide range of different sizes.Lion-Dog-Costume-400x400

It’s a really cute and attractive costume for any dog, whether you’re looking to impress your friends, make people terrified, or want to take your dog to a dog (or cat) show. This costume is definitely going to win your dog ‘the best costume’ trophy.

This costume is made of 100% polyester, which means your dog is going to be comfortable wearing it and you won’t have any issues washing it. The costume is available in large, medium, small, and x-small size.


Drone Geek Straps 54 Drones Together and Creates a Homemade Helicopter


If you had lots of free time and money, what would you spend it on? Well, this crazy drone enthusiast decided to strap a bunch of drones into a frame with a seat, resulting in a fully functioning DIY helicopter. It’s not technically a drone though, as the guy is steering the multicopter, but damn… isn’t this thing just pure awesome? -It’s called the Swarm.

This multi-rotor machine uses 54 counter-rotation propellers, weighs 148kg and is able to lift approximately 164kg according to its creator. You won’t be able to fly to another country with this multicopter though, as the maximum flying time is around 10 minutes – slightly less than the standard for radio-controlled drones. However, I’m sure your neighbours would be amazed!

Although radio-controlled drones are available at very low prices nowadays, you might want to think twice before you start strapping hundreds together in an attempt to build your own helicopter in your back yard.  Keep in mind that this guy must be a professional at what he is doing!

One-Man-Helicopter-Composite-FXIf you are loaded with cash and actually want to get your own one man helicopter though, there are some for sale on eBay, such as the Composite FX, selling for US $79,000.

You can probably add
another 20 grand on top for the cost of a training course, but man… Wouldn’t it be great to own one of these!?


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