5 Really Cool Kitchen Gadgets

When you have friends coming over for a meal or a drink, there is no better way to impress them than with some really cool kitchen gadgets. Below we have listed you five cool kitchen gadgets; some of them are just for shit and giggles, some will impress your friends and some actually make life quite a bit easier! Most importantly, we thought these five were really cool kitchen gadgets that everyone should own.

1. The Egg Cuber Square Eggs MakerReally-Cool-Kitchen-Gadgets-Square-eggs-maker

Ever wanted to eat a boiled egg without nearly shoving the whole thing into your mouth?

The Egg Cuber Square Eggs Maker can transform your round egg into a cube to make it easier to cut and eat. Out of the five gadges, this one will impress your friends when you tell them a story of a hen in your gadgen that lays square eggs.

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2. Bev-Brush Secret FlaskReally-Cool-Kitchen-Gadgets-Bev-Brush-Secret-Flask

Looking for a way to sneak some booze into a festival? Or perhaps you are just too poor to buy drinks at your local nightclub and can save a few bucks with this great invention.

The Binocktails Bev-Brush is an awesome product that has a secret flask inside the full function paddle hairbrush style. It even has a mirror at the back to make sure your face is still looking good after consuming the vodka you have hidden inside the 6 fluid ounce flask; how cool is that?

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3. Grilled Cheesus MakerCheesus-Sandwich-Press-Toastie-Grilled-400x400

If you think Jesus can make good things happen to your life, why
not eat a Jesus sandwich every day?

This Grilled Cheesus Maker is going to bring more fun and spirituality to your boring breakfasts by toasting a Jesus portrait on your sandwiches. With this intuitive sandwich press, you can eat a Jesus every day and live a holy life.

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4. 3 In 1 Breakfast StationNostalgia-Electronics-3-in-1-Breakfast-Station-Really-Cool-Kitchen-Gadgets

The 3-in-1 Breakfast Station is a great product for those people
who are too lazy to walk back and forth to the kitchen from the breakfast table.

As it combines the preparation of the most important breakfast items; coffee, bacon & eggs and toast, you won’t be needing any other kitchen appliances for the most important meal of the day.

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5. Bottle Loft Magnetic Beer HangerFridge-Loft-Magnets-Beers-600x600

The days are gone when your wife yells about your beer being in the way. The Bottle Loft Magnetic Hanger attaches to the ceiling of your refrigerator to hold those extra beers that you’re having trouble storing.

Out of these five really cool kitchen gadgets, this one is probably the most useful!

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